Vertical Menus Plugin for WordPress makes sidebar navigation simple.

Easily add a vertical menu to your widget able sidebar. With this plugin you can create a flat menu with all parents/children visible or a stepping foldout menu where only children of the current page/parent will be visible.

Vertical menu for wordpress

We needed a vertical menu with easy ability to use the built in wp3.0 menus. This side menu WordPress plugin makes that simple. With two options for flat menu where all parents/children are visible, and non java foldout menu (ie. children of unactive parents are not hidden, they just arnt rendered in the html).

Feature Ideas - Not in any specific order

  • For empty links(#) Render Children and use jQuery to toggle.
  • Got Any?


  • Full Menu
    Full Size
  • One Section
    One Section
  • Another Section
    Another Section

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